Will everyone in the world have Omicron?

Omicron: Maria Van Kerkhov, the World Health Organization’s technical director at Kovid-19, told a news conference that the new and fast-spreading variant is less serious than the ‘Omicron’ delta, but still a dangerous virus.

Why are people rushing to the hospital and dying from the virus, even though the micron is less severe than the delta? In answer to this question, Dr. Kerkhov said there was growing evidence that Omicron could dodge immunity. “What we are learning from research on the new variants is that Omicron can be dangerous for people with serious illnesses, the elderly or people who are not vaccinated,” Kerkhov said.

Everyone in the world will have a corona –
When asked if everyone in the world would have an Omicron? “The rate of infection in this variant is faster than any other strain,” Kerkhov said. Reaching out to all people is not a big deal. It can easily infect many people. ‘

However, he said that does not mean that it can infect people around the world. “We are seeing an increase in cases worldwide, but it does not necessarily infect all people in the world,” he said.

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Omicron Variant spread in every country-
Maria says the new Omicron variant of the Corona has been confirmed in countries where genome sequencing technology is good. So far the possibility is being expressed that it has reached every country in the world. The United Kingdom and the United States have been the most affected by this variant. Millions of Corona patients are coming here every day. Download the app to read the latest news in Punjabi.