Priyanka’s mother wants to be Chopra, says Family Planning after three years of marriage

Los Angeles – Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are happily married. The couple has been married for three years. Priyanka and Nick got married on December 1, 2018. Now when the two are together, the only question they are asked is when will the cradle move in the house. Priyanka has now broken her silence on family planning. In an interview, Priyanka said that ‘Boys’ is a big part of her life for both her and Nick and they both have some plans for it.

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‘I want to be a mother, but not in a hurry’

In an interview to Vanity Fair, Priyanka said that family planning and children are a big part of her future plans, but she is not in a hurry. Priyanka says, ‘I want to be a mother. By God’s grace it will happen, but we do not want to rush it. I will continue to work even after I have a child. ‘

“We are not both so busy.”

Priyanka Chopra was asked if she and Nick were too busy on the work front, to which the actress replied in bold, “We are not too busy to practice.” Priyanka was asked if being a mother is on her to-do list. Desi Girl replied, ‘Taking home and having a child have always been a priority for me. I’m busy, but I don’t want to be away from family. I want to do things I didn’t do. ‘

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Mother Madhu Chopra had given up hope

Priyanka said in an interview that she did not expect her mother Madhu Chopra to marry her. His attention was diverted from the girl’s marriage. “She is an Asian mother and I am very happy to be married,” says Priyanka.

Even then it was said- planning a baby

Priyanka was last seen talking about her son on the Netflix show ‘The Jonas Brothers Family Roast’. In this show, Priyanka got very angry with her husband Nick and his brothers. Priyanka had said, “We are the only couple who have not had a child and so now I want to tell everyone that Nick and I are planning a baby.”