Family mourns 14-year-old student commits suicide in Pandesara

Surat: A 14-year-old student studying in Std. 10 has committed suicide. Father Korona is spread out so Uttarayan is not going to hang out with a friend. The 14-year-old daughter choked on the word. The family went for lunch outside the house and the daughter committed suicide in a room within 10 minutes.

The details are as follows: Is. The family of the deceased Sagira said that the daughter had taken such a final step by refusing to go out with the sisters. The deceased was studying in standard-10. Yesterday, Uttarayan Sagira insisted on going for a walk with her sisters. However, the father refused to go out to avoid any untoward incident due to the transition of the corona and the kite string. & Nbsp;

The daughter was hanging when she ran into the house. Seeing her trapped daughter, the ground slipped under her feet. Doctors brought her down for treatment and declared her daughter dead. & Nbsp; Uttarayan was celebrated. However, on the day of Uttarayan, different incidents of accident occurred. By evening, 248 people had been strangled by kite strings in the state. The highest number of 74 people were injured in Ahmedabad. 108 Emergency Ambulance received 3367 calls by 9 pm. In the year 2021, 2295 calls were received. In Gujarat, two people were killed due to a kite on the day of Uttarayan. & Nbsp;

In Rajkot, a young man lost his life while trying to steal a kite. According to the information received, a teenager was killed by a train while going to rob a kite in the city. A young man who was going to rob a kite near Kotharia Solvent in Rajkot has died after being hit by a train. The body has been sent for postmortem.

There was also a tragic incident at Uttarayan in Patan. A boy has died of electrocution. A 15-year-old boy named Shubham has died of electrocution. He was flying a kite on the steps with his friends when he was electrocuted. Prohibited draw caused the death of the teenager. One of his parents’ sons died.