Covid19: Which mask is best for protection against corona? Expert advice to citizens …


  • Guidance to citizens on the use of masks by CDC officials
  • Advise to use N95 or KN95 mask
  • Expressed the need to give priority to health care workers

New York, America :

At a time when the number of hospital admissions in the United States is on the rise, health officials are urging citizens to wear masks. U.S. health officials have encouraged citizens to wear N95 or KN95 masks used by health workers. He believes that the use of this mask can quickly control the speed of corona infection.

The use of N95 or KN95 masks is effective in filtering the toxins in the air and preventing them from reaching the body of the citizen. Earlier, there was a shortage of this mask. Therefore, the officials of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have also expressed the need to give priority to the health care personnel for the supply of these masks.

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted new guidelines on Friday afternoon to address concerns about the shortage of masks. Officials have made it clear that N95 and KN95 masks of the right shape of the face provide the most protection.

Some masks are easier to use than others. Therefore, CDC officials have urged the citizens to choose masks that can be used continuously.

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The N95 mask will be available for free

The CDC often provides guidance on the use of masks during corona infections. At the same time, President Joe Biden has announced plans to provide high-quality masks, including N95, free of charge to citizens. More details will be available next week. The White House says the federal government has more than 75 million N95 masks in stock.

Needed for health workers

According to CDC officials, ‘Surgical N95’ is a special category of mask. This mask was specially made to protect against various dangers during an operation. Such masks are not available for sale to the general public. Such masks should always be available for healthcare workers.

The United States has the highest number of patients in the world

The number of patients in the United States is growing at an average rate of 34 percent per day. The U.S. also holds the record for the most coronary artery disease.

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