Ahmedabad: Sagira from Vasana area had to fall in love with a married lover

Ahmedabad: In the Vasana area of ​​the city, there is an uproar over the incident where a married young man lured Sagira into marriage and had sex with her. Sagira has lodged a complaint against her lover at the Vasana police station after her married lover raped her. Police have registered a case against the youth and are conducting further investigations.

According to the details, Sagira, who lives in the Vasana police station area of ​​the city, had an affair with a young man. Although the young man himself was married, he lured Sagira to marry him and Paran enjoyed physical pleasure with Sagira. Now the whole incident has come to light after Sagira lodged a police complaint. Currently, the Vasan police is conducting further investigations in this direction.

Ahmedabad: In Bapunagar of the city, there is a rumor that a young woman from her own society has lured her into a love trap and taken her to different hotels and had sexual relations with her several times. The young man was agitated when the young woman asked him to marry her. As well as broke up with the young woman. The girl informed the family about this. The whole incident came to light after the girl lodged a complaint at the Bapunagar police station.

The details are that a 27-year-old girl living in Bapunagar came in contact with a young man from her own community. He fell in love with the young man after meeting him frequently on social occasions. The two were texting and talking on the phone after exchanging mobile numbers. At this time the young man lured the young woman to the wedding and called to meet.

The young man took her to the hotel when he came to meet her and had a good time with her here. At this time the young lady refused for physical comfort, but we got married saying that we have to get married. After this he would call the young man to meet him whenever he wanted and take him to different hotels and have sex with him.

Meanwhile, the young man and the young woman met two days ago. This time too the young man took her to a hotel and they both enjoyed good health. As soon as the young lady talked about marriage here, the young man got agitated and got into a quarrel saying that he was not going to get married. Thus, the young woman, who appeared to have been betrayed, spoke to the family. After this, the girl registered a complaint with the police and the police has registered a crime and conducted further investigation.

Ahmedabad: Two young men with a young woman enjoyed physical comfort, if they resisted, what happened?

AHMEDABAD: Two youths in Odhav area of ​​the city have gone on a rampage over the incident of gang rape on a young woman. Paran had raped the girl by robbing her mobile. The young woman also stabbed the resisting girl. Odhav police are investigating the whole matter. Odhav police have registered a case against the two accused. A 16-year-old girl has been gang-raped.

In another incident, in Ahmedabad, a young man was caught in a love trap by a young woman of the same community. He was taken to different hotels and committed atrocities. Has now left and fled. The girl was raped several times after being lured into marriage. Bapunagar police have registered a crime including misdemeanor and are searching for the accused.